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Power House, Inc. focus is on powerful, quality and flexible cannabis security service. Our team of security specialists can cover the most critical areas of risk exposure for medical marijuana. We provide professional 24 hour and timed security service at competitive rate backed by an established, proven, fully licensed, bonded and insured company. Our blend of expertise in technology, installation, and after sales services makes us masters of cannabis facility security and compliance. We are a one-stop solution for all your surveillance and access control needs and excel at providing each facility a fully controlled environment.

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Our security officers are trained to report any incident of importance into their log sheets. The security officers have a daily activity-report folder where they record each incident worthy of mentioning that happens in their shift. These reports are part of the service and are a must. The supervisors check these reports on a daily basis, and a copy is provided to the client upon request. Action is taken on incidents based on the security officer’s observation. To increase our effectiveness in protecting you and your property, each officer is supplied with a digital, two-way radio for the immediate dispatch to local law enforcement, paramedics, the fire department, and the facility’s maintenance personnel. Power House’s expert security-management team will assist you with a strategic security plan to fit your personal needs and help protect your home or business for a cost-effective rate.

Our Services

Grow Facility design & architecture consulting

Power House has been providing more than cannabis security services for the last 20 years. Our dedicated team of security and grow professionals was established specifically to provide world class security solutions to the cannabis industry and our knowledge of the regulations, irrigation systems, lighting and various levels of grow strategies to ensure large healthy crops.

IP Video & access control architecture consulting

Power House Security uses industry experts to come in and complete a comprehensive site survey to ensure you always have an eye on what is important to you. From interior to exterior video surveillance to access control that allows you to provide or restrict access in areas of high importance. We will map out and design a plan for your home, retail location or grow facility.

Asset protection & transportation

From inventory to cash or anything you value, Power House Security provides first class Armored transportation of your valuables. With a customer tracking portal to a live video stream of your items while in transit, PHS gives you the peace of mind.  Let us take care of it for you!

Security Officer protection for personnel & structural facilities

Powerhouse Security provides several types of security officers ranging from your choice of unarmed security, armed security and Off-Duty law enforcement officers. Your unique needs and threat level will dictate which type of security officer we can provide you. We handle high threat level posts that require ex-military personnel and law enforcement officers with tactical firearm. All of Power House security team have the state mandated required training but we take it a step further by investing in additional training such as OC Spray, Baton, Hand Cuff, Tactical Firearms and Hand to Hand Combat Training. Your facility will be protected at all costs!


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We are providing services across all of Los Angeles, Riverside County, Orange County and surrounding areas.